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Whether it's California DUI, defense, or criminal charges, The Rosenfeld Law Firm can present a challenging defense

Jesse S. – Acquitted


A male college student was accused of rape by a fellow female student. The Rosenfeld Law Firm, through diligent investigation, was able to show to the jury that the young woman had a history of emotional instability, and that evidence of a rape did not exist.

Sacramento criminal defense attorney, Ken Rosenfeld, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your legal matter

Jesse S. – Acquitted


The young man is now back to his college studies, thanks to the dedication of The Rosenfeld Law Firm.

Northern California criminal defense attorney, Ken Rosenfeld, appeals verdicts, and fights for your rights!

Pat O. – Sex Crimes Defense


Elementary school teacher is acquitted after being accused of 13 acts of lewd and lascivious acts.

San Francisco criminal attorney, Kenneth Rosenfeld, uses his years as California lawyer to your advantage
Pat O.

After acquittal, The Rosenfeld Law Firm worked to have the teacher reinstated in his position.

From Southern California to Northern, The Rosenfeld Law Firm rigorously defends each and every legal matter.

Death Penalty Case


Kenneth Rosenfeld uses his years as California criminal defense attorney to your advantage.

California Three Strikes cases are no laughing matter.  Kenneth Rosenfeld is no stranger to the courtroom

Sacramento Three Strikes Case


From Northern California to Southern, The Rosenfeld Law Firm handles criminal defense cases, including those high-profile in nature.

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