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Whether it's California federal court or state, criminal defense attorney Ken Rosenfeld makes an impact


Pat O. – Federal Court

Attorney Kenneth Rosenfeld leaves no stone unturned when it comes to California criminal defense.

California criminal lawyer, Ken Rosenfeld, will do whatever it takes to secure favorable results

  Pat O. – Motion to Supress

During the hearing for Pat O., Kenneth Rosenfeld is depicted in the California courtroom.

In California, especially Sacramento, Ken Rosenfeld is respected as criminal defense attorney


Pat O. – Outside Court

After acquittal, Ken Rosenfeld answers questions from the local media regarding the Pat O. case.

You don't have to live in Los Angeles to secure an attorney with high-profile criminal defense experience


NPR Interview

Ken Rosenfeld discusses the details of the Pat O. case in an interview on NPR.

Before a California jury, attorney Ken Rosenfeld presents his solid arguments


Pat O. – Arguing Before the Jury

California criminal defense attorney, Kenneth Rosenfeld, has years of experience arguing before the jury in California.

California criminal attorney, Ken Rosenfeld, delivers testimony for a solid legal matter


Pat O. – Testimony

The testimony for Pat O. is delivered in a California courtroom.

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