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California Criminal Defense Attorney

Sacramento · San Francisco · San Jose · Los Angeles


The Rosenfeld Law Firm is a Sacramento-based, California criminal defense group headed by Kenneth Rosenfeld, whose operations span the state of California. The law firm’s success is driven by the collective efforts of each attorney.

Information about current and past cases can be see on Twitter, Facebook, the Sacramento Bee, on our News page. Specific articles with pertinent case-related updates are listed below.

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Expert Criminal Law Commentator

Sacramento criminal defense attorney, Ken Rosenfeld, has contributed his knowledge in various capacities.

  • He appears in national media as an expert criminal law commentator.
  • The New York Times has used Mr. Rosenfeld as a legal and constitutional law expert.
  • Ken helps news correspondents decipher law-related stories, advises on rulings and decisions, and puts into perspective the impact these cases will have on the community at large.

Contact an Attorney

To speak with one of our California criminal defense lawyers, for more information about the company’s law firm, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us online or call the office directly:


(916) 447-2070