Learn why so many clients trust Kenneth Rosenfeld. Below are the latest developments and past endeavors of this Northern California criminal defense attorney.

Attempted Murder Dismissed

In San Jose last week, Ken Rosenfeld and his team were able to get charges of attempted murder dismissed against "Mark M," (hereinafter referred to as "client"). In this case, the client stabbed his roommate a dozen times in the back and neck.  Ken's client, who has...

Ken Rosenfeld Defends Dana Stubblefield in Rape Charge

Former NFL defensive lineman Dana Stubblefield has been charged with raping a developmentally disabled woman in his home, the Santa Clara Deputy District Attorney said.
“Stubblefield is being unfairly targeted due to his celebrity and wealth by someone with full motivation to lie,” attorney Ken Rosenfeld said in a statement.
Rosenfeld said a sexual encounter did occur between Stubblefield and the woman, but it was consensual.

Ken Rosenfeld Changes Attempted Murder Charge to Home Arrest

Ken Rosenfeld achieved a fantastic result for a client and managed for him to keep his license to practice medicine. He will only have to serve about 80 days “home arrest” and in a year the matter can be expunged from his record.
The case was first evaluated for “attempted murder of a police officer.” In California the sentence for such an offense is life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Ken Rosenfeld Wins in Roni Deutch Case

After a five-year legal fight, the state ended its case against former attorney Roni Lynn Deutch.
Her reputation and bank account in tatters, Deutch agreed to pay a $2.5 million fine and perform 350 hours of volunteer service. She also agreed to a permanent injunction forbidding her from ever guaranteeing she could save people money or get the Internal Revenue Service off their backs, according to papers filed in Sacramento Superior Court.

California Mental Health Cases Dismissed

As a California mental health attorney, The Rosenfeld Law Firm represented a young man with mental health issues who, during a manic outburst, threatened police officers and ran naked through an elementary school. Charged with resisting arrest and various sex offenses, he was potentially facing a lengthy prison sentence and the stigma that accompanies sex offender registration.

Successful Drug Crime Lawyer

As California drug crime lawyers, The Rosenfeld Law Firm successfully defended a heroin addict who was caught with a considerable amount of the drug.
Long hours and much investigation enabled Kenneth Rosenfeld and his team to deliver a winning argument that proved this young man had a sickness, which could not be cured in a prison cell.