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SACRAMENTO, CA – January 19, 2011 — A Northern California juror caught between a violent street gang and social networking giant Facebook now has a top defense attorney to protect his privacy rights. Sacramento attorney Ken Rosenfeld will take all legal steps necessary to protect the private communications that Juror Number One made on Facebook while he was serving on a jury that found members of the Killa Mobb street gang guilty of assaulting a man at a Sacramento gas station in 2008. The gang members’ attorneys have subpoenaed all Facebook postings to and from the Juror during trial, claiming that he may have leaked information about the trial or was somehow influenced by comments made by “friends” on the social networking site.

“My client is a juror who performed his civic duty,” said Rosenfeld. “In actuality, I’m defending the privacy rights of 500 million Facebook users – this case has implications for anyone who uses social media.”

Facebook has so far refused to provide the records subpoenaed by the Killa Mobb members’ lawyers, citing the Stored Communications Act of 1986. Facebook’s position is that the juror can choose to hand over the postings if he desires, but that Facebook cannot be compelled to do so.

“The Federal Act may protect Facebook, but it doesn’t offer any protection for my client or the millions of other people who are members of Facebook and other social networking sites,” said Rosenfeld. That’s where we come in—to protect his right to privacy.

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