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California legal assistant, Atul Kapoor, works with Ken Rosenfeld on a variety of mattersAtul Kapoor brings vast legal experience to The Rosenfeld Law Firm, having practiced immigration and international law for 20 years prior to offering legal consultation services to the California criminal defense team. During his tenure practicing immigration and international law, Mr. Kapoor successfully helped more than 20,000 families immigrate to the United States and Canada.

As a seasoned legal consultant for The Rosenfeld Law Firm, Mr. Kapoor provides advice and clarification on complex legal issues. His background in immigration and international law and his knowledge of the corresponding laws and regulations enable Mr. Kapoor to make suggestions for action that lead to the most positive possible outcomes.

In addition to his role as a legal consultant, Mr. Kapoor brings extensive communication, organizational, and supervisory skills to the management of The Rosenfeld Law Firm. He continues to offer legal consultation and facilitate legal research for his California criminal defense colleagues at the firm.

The Rosenfeld Law Firm also practices federal criminal defense, juvenile defense, appellate law, criminal defense, prison law, and mental health law.

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Along with legal advice, The Rosenfeld Law Firm in Sacramento, California, offers experience and representation in other pertinent areas of practice including prison law, mental health law, appellate law, and federal criminal defense.

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