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The Stakes Are High

Criminal defense attorney Ken Rosenfeld defends California felony charges in San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San FranciscoA California felony conviction can result in life-changing (and sometimes life-ending) consequences.

While the majority of felony convictions don’t carry the death penalty, even less severe sentences such as prison terms, parole, and probation can have devastating lifelong repercussions. Time is critical in felony cases; the sooner you hire an aggressive California criminal defense attorney, the better your chances of avoiding a conviction.

The criminal defense lawyers at The Rosenfeld Law Firm have the skills, knowledge, and passion needed to defend your California felony. They fight for your best interests both in and out of court.

Two Categories of California FeloniesCalifornia felony charges are serious and require an aggressive criminal defense attorney such as Ken Rosenfeld

Before strategizing on your case, your criminal defense attorney will provide you with information about the nature of your charges and their corresponding penalties. These two classes of California felony crimes are known as straight felonies and wobblers, respectively.

  1. Straight Felonies: Certain crimes must automatically be charged as felonies—below are some examples:
    • Murder
    • Rape
    • Theft of a firearm
    • Sale or transportation of a controlled substance
  2. Wobblers: Other felonies can be reduced to misdemeanors with the right representation. The following are examples of wobblers, and the decision to charge them as felonies vs. misdemeanors will be based on your criminal history and the details of your case:
    • Possession of a controlled substance
    • Assault
    • Petty theft

When a California Misdemeanor becomes a California Felony

A California misdemeanor charge can be elevated to a California felony if the defendant has prior convictions and/or the details of the case are inflammatory. For instance, in most cases petty theft is classified as a misdemeanor. If, however, you have a prior conviction for misdemeanor petty theft, California law states that your second offense can be charged as a felony. Petty theft can also be charged as a felony if someone is injured while the crime is being committed. Misdemeanor offenses that are charged as felonies can result in the following devastating consequences:

  • Multiple years spent in state prison
  • One strike under California’s Three Strikes Laws
  • Inability to have your criminal record expunged

Launching a Successful Criminal Defense

Once you have been charged with a crime, your Rosenfeld Law Firm attorney will put a team of experienced law enforcement officers and investigators to work on your criminal investigation. Searching for evidence that can prove your innocence will play a critical part in your defense, for although prosecutors are supposed to investigate a case before indicting the defendant, they often overlook evidence in pursuit of a conviction. The results of your defense team’s investigation can lead to a reduction in your charges and in some cases, a dismissal.

If you are charged with a felony in California, you should enlist the help of an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney immediately. The lawyers at The Rosenfeld Law Firm have a history of success in defending clients on the full range of felony charges. Every case is handled with discretion and every client is a top priority. You don’t have to face the criminal justice system alone; contact The Rosenfeld Law Firm today to get the support of a powerful team of attorneys and investigators behind you.

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