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San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Ken Rosenfeld and his team of California lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain favorable outcomes for clients, especially with the most complex or challenging cases. 

From DUI to felony theft to first degree murder, your criminal defense will be treated as a priority. In and around San Diego, El Cajun, Chula Vista, Oceanside, and all over the North County to the Mexico border, The Rosenfeld Law Firm can help you win a successful outcome in your criminal legal matter, including but not limited to: 

In California, quality DUI and criminal defense are imperative if you value your freedom and future; however, when a decision doesn’t land in your favor, an aggressive San Diego criminal defense attorney who knows the local judges and state laws can make the difference between alternative sentences and prison time.

The attorneys at The Rosenfeld Law Firm have years of experience in successfully fighting, winning, and appealing matters that go before the California State Court, Appellate Court, and United States Court of Appeals. If there is a question of mental health in a San Diego criminal defense matter, these qualified attorneys will use their decades’ worth of experience to investigate a person’s mental state of mind and explore all opportunities to get him or her help instead of being locked up in prison. Mr. Rosenfeld has a lengthy history of presenting winning arguments to judges who then change prison sentences to mental health care. 

San Diego’s Finest Criminal Defense

One of the first steps in finding the appropriate attorney for your San Diego criminal defense case is by contacting The Rosenfeld Law Firm. Once the information has been received, the team will evaluate every aspect of your legal matter and make a decision about the next steps forward. From the law firm’s pool of experienced lawyers, a San Diego criminal defense attorney will discuss your case in detail and get the ball rolling. 

Time Is of the Essence

Don’t delay. If you are facing potential charges in Southern California, you will want San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Ken Rosenfeld in your corner. The sooner you reach out, the better opportunity Mr. Rosenfeld or one of his attorneys will have in preparing the strongest defense possible. 

“Every person accused of any crime has the right to a fair trial and the laws of justice on their side.

Appealing Parole Decisions

In addition to San Diego criminal defense attorney services, the California federal criminal defense lawyers at The Rosenfeld Law Firm have the experience and expertise to successfully overcome decisions made by the Board of Parole, securing releases for prisoners who deserve to be given a second chance. You have a right to challenge Board of Parole decisions through the courts; allow The Rosenfeld Law Firm to exercise this right on your behalf. Learn more about California prison law attorney services.

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Along with legal advice, The Rosenfeld Law Firm in Sacramento, California, offers experience and representation in San Diego and other pertinent areas of practice including prison law, mental health law, appellate law, and federal criminal defense.

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