Murder Charges Dismissed 

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Attempted Murder Dismissed

Charges Against Angela R. Dismissed

This is a story about a young woman, who we believe to have changed overnight, miraculously. As they say, change comes within, and to win you must be right within.

The instigator, as presumed was our client, Angela R. One look at our client and you’ll instantly believe that she, without doubt, was instructed on a daily basis by her gangster boyfriend. Her life may not be as normal as one would put it, but it was filled with excitement and constantly on the edge due to the nature of her boyfriend’s occupation. She was not a trickster, nor an instigator, but someone who cared for her boyfriend’s well-being, despite his rough exterior lifestyle. She stood by her man, through thick and thin, and how can anyone judge her strength. She was just a woman of patience, understanding, and love. Nightly, there would be drive-by shootings, though that is an extremity to quote, but it happened quite often. If we had to judge this woman of anything, it would be that she had no limits, but only because she had gotten so used to the violence in her life.

Our client, Angel R, was accused of a few things, all because of her boyfriend: gang allegations, and attempted murder of the victim being the “instigator” who started the shooting, which paralyzed the victim, who was shot at least 6 times.

What was she going to do? She realized this wasn’t the life she had signed up for; she had to leave her boyfriend and this lifestyle fast. During trial, our client, as sweet as she appeared, dressed in her finest conservative navy suit.

Conclusion: DA dropped the attempted murder charges. We can also note that she would have been put in prison for life; however, due to our hard work and diligent representation, our client is able to be a mother instead of an inmate.

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