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California criminal defense attorney, Ken Rosenfeld, aggressively fights on your behalf!Hiring an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney is the single most important thing you can do if you have been arrested in California. Known for having some of the toughest sentences in the country, the state of California is an especially stressful place to be charged with a criminal offense. With the help of the California criminal defense attorneys at The Rosenfeld Law Firm, you won’t have to face the police, prosecutors, and courts alone.

Before you are even officially charged with a crime, your California criminal lawyer should be working on your case. Examining police reports, looking at physical evidence and interviewing witnesses should be standard operating procedure for your attorney. From the moment you hire them, the criminal lawyers at The Rosenfeld Law Firm will aggressively search for weaknesses in the District Attorney’s case against you. No one will fight harder to get your charges reduced or when possible, dismissed.

Powerful California Criminal Defense for Every Type of Crime

If you have been arrested, you need a criminal lawyer with extensive experience, skills, and knowledge in every area of criminal law. The charges against you may change mid-trial, the prosecutor may offer a deal, or you may need a mental health lawyer to assist with your defense. The attorneys at The Rosenfeld Law Firm will provide you with proactive representation in these or any of the following areas of criminal law:

California’s Three Strikes Law

Originally intended to keep violent repeat offenders off the streets, California’s Three Strikes Law has evolved into a complicated and frequently unjust sentencing strategy. Under the Three Strikes Law, any individual who has been convicted of three “strike” offenses will receive a mandatory sentence of life in prison. Since the Three Strikes Law’s enactment in 1993, the list of crimes that can be counted as strikes has grown considerably and includes non-violent offenses such as:

Because of the grave consequences associated with the Three Strikes Law, you will need an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney if you are charged with a strike crime. The lawyers at The Rosenfeld Law Firm will use every means at their disposal to keep your record clean of even one strike conviction. This includes giving you the full benefit of an entire defense team including highly experienced attorneys, investigators, and former law enforcement personnel.

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The criminal defense attorneys at The Rosenfeld Law Firm treat every client as a VIP. Every case is a priority—however big or small—and all are handled with discretion. If you seek representation from Ken Rosenfeld or one of the highly qualified attorneys at his firm, you can expect to enjoy regular and timely communication from your lawyer. Questions are always answered promptly and every client receives frequent updates on the status of his or her case. Don’t wait until your case spirals out of control; contact The Rosenfeld Law Firm today to protect your rights in and out of court.

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Along with legal advice, The Rosenfeld Law Firm in Sacramento, California, offers experience and representation in other pertinent areas of practice including prison law, mental health law, appellate law, and federal criminal defense.

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