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Clients describe, in their own words, the impact The Rosenfeld Law Firm made on their lives.

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“I got myself involved with the legal system for the first time because I never thought I had an addiction problem. A highly possible consequence of my actions was mandatory life in prison. Kenneth was extremely knowledgable with cases like mine involving mental health and chemical dependency. Throughout the six month process, he demonstrated trust, understanding, compassion, and integrity. He promised my father, my family, and I he will not allow me to go to prison. He also got me the help I desperately needed to become sober since November 2015. Kenneth and his team of experts supported me through my life changing ordeal especially during my father’s passing in the mist [sic] of my legal issues. Today I am a grateful addict in recovery. Kenneth kept his promise and I have my freedom. He is not just an expert attorney specializing in complex cases, he has demonstrated to my family and I he is a professional attorney with humility and that he truly cares for his clients.”

—N. Wong

“My Son Marcell was charged with murder when he was a teenager.  My son was a young black teenager that didn’t have the money to hire an Attorney.  Ken Rosenfeld represented my son and fought for him like he was his family even buying him clothes.  My son was mixed up with the wrong group of people and though Ken Rosenfeld fought hard to convince the District Attorney that my Son was innocent, the government insisted he committed murder.  Ken Rosenfeld brought the matter to a full jury trial and fought hard and passionately for my Son.  Ken Rosenfeld dismantled the case against my Son piece by piece and the jury voted Not Guilty!!  My Son was facing life in prison and now he is back home.  Words can’t describe how great Ken Rosenfeld is and how he cared and fought for Marcell.”

—Mrs. Bullard

“I did my civic duty; and when the Judge ordered me to give my personal information from my family and friends to the people I voted to convict, Ken Rosenfeld stood up for me and stopped the Judge from getting my personal information. Even when the higher court ordered him to give the information, he refused and went to the California Supreme Court, and got an Order protecting me and my family. Ken knows no quit and fights to the end for his clients. I am so grateful that I have him as my lawyer.”

—Juror #1

“I was charged with murder and facing 50 years in prison. Ken Rosenfeld promised me he would make sure that I was never convicted of murder, and he was able to get the murder charge dismissed. No doubt he is the best.”


“My son was charged with rape. This is a parent’s worst nightmare. If convicted, my 18 year old son would have gone to prison and had to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. When I hired Ken Rosenfeld, he told me that he would move heaven and earth to prove my son’s innocence, and he did. All charges were dismissed. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for The Rosenfeld Law Firm.”

—Name Withheld

“I was charged with Murder and, if convicted, I would have spent the rest of my life in prison. My lawyer, Ken Rosenfeld, told me that he would get me back with my family. After a four week jury trial, the verdict came back Not Guilty. I’m back home now because of Ken Rosenfeld.”

—Leonardo L.

“I was pulled over for DUI and, though I was at the legal limit, I was arrested for DUI. If convicted of DUI, I would have lost everything. My job requires that I have my license. I hired Ken Rosenfeld to help me. Ken did re-testing and found out that I was indeed not DUI, and the charge was dismissed. He saved my career. I highly recommend Ken Rosenfeld.”

—Joshua M.

“After my divorce, I was accused of child molestation and kidnapping. This was a ploy by my ex-wife; however, I was arrested and charged. If convicted, my life was over. I hired Ken Rosenfeld and he immediately went to work for me. He filed numerous motions and briefs and, after only a couple of weeks, he showed that I was innocent. All charges were dismissed. Ken Rosenfeld is the best.”

—David H.

“I was charged with a Federal offense and facing 20 years of prison. I was scared and did not know what to do. I hired Ken Rosenfeld. Ken knows the Federal system and was able to hire the right experts, and he worked with me to resolve my case. I never went to prison and I was able to receive counseling. This would not have happened without Ken Rosenfeld.”

—Name Withheld

“I was accused of being a Sexually Violent Predator. Though I had a history that I’m not proud of, I knew that I needed help. If the filed petition was found true, I would have been incarcerated for the rest of my life. Ken worked hard with the Psychologists and hired his own experts. At a litigated hearing, Ken presented evidence to show that I was not a Sexually Violent Predator. His hard work saved my life. After the hearing, the Judge stated that there was no evidence to believe the Petition was true and the Petition was dismissed. I was freed from a life sentence. This would not have happened without the Rosenfeld Law Firm and Ken Rosenfeld.”

—Dario R.

“My ex-girlfriend accused me of trying to kill her. I was arrested and bail was set at $200,000.00. I was facing several years in state prison. I didn’t know where to turn. I hired Ken Rosenfeld. Within a day he had his investigator taking statements, and he received all of the text messages and phone calls my ex-girlfriend made to me. He was able to prove she lied, and he saved my life. I don’t know where I would be without Ken Rosenfeld. Ken saved my life.”

—Tim B.

“I was involved in a circumstance that got out of control. Next thing I knew I was charged with Murder. If convicted, I would have been in prison for the rest of my life. I knew I need Ken Rosenfeld as my attorney. Ken spent many hours with me and reviewed all the evidence and worked tirelessly with the District Attorney and never gave up on me or my case. After several months the District Attorney dismissed the murder case. This would not have happened without the hard work of Ken Rosenfeld. Ken is a lifesaver.”

—Adrinine H.

The Rosenfeld Law Firm is committed to legal professionalism, both in practice and in the treatment of current and former clients. In accordance with this commitment, these testimonials are presented with full adherence to American Bar Association Rule 4.1, which provides guidelines for sharing information with third parties. The Rosenfeld Law Firm does not knowingly share false information, or knowingly withhold truthful information, in any of the testimonials presented.

—Name Withheld

My Son was 15 years old and he was sent an text that was “adult”. His phone was seen by a fellow student who told the Principal. My Son than had his phone confiscated. My son was charged with an offense that could have put him in custody and made him register as a sex offender. I hired Ken Rosenfeld who made sure my Son would never have a conviction and he got the case dismissed. If not for the Rosenfeld Law Firm, my Son may have had his life ruined at the age of 15!!

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