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“When people hire me, they’re not coming in for a hug. They hire me because they want to win.
And win I do.

– Kenneth L. Rosenfeld, Esq.

One of the Most Successful Criminal Defense Lawyers in California

A history of prominent case wins has established The Rosenfeld Law Firm as prestigious and Ken as one of the most successful criminal defense lawyers in California.  Rosenfeld is routinely sought after by high-profile clients with difficult legal matters.

As seen on FOX40 TV, audiences rely on California Criminal Defense Attorney Ken Rosenfeld to weigh in on the headline news.

Primary Practice Areas

White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes are criminal offenses that, using deceptive measures, are designed to produce financial gain.  Examples of white collar crimes are: money laundering, tax evasion, bribery, embezzlement, insider trading, and insurance fraud.
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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense, as distinguished from civil defense, pertains to defending individuals who have been accused of committing crimes. The Rosenfeld Law Firm handles numerous high-profile California criminal defense cases. 
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Mental Health Law

Mental Health Law covers a wide variety of legal topics and pertains to people who have been diagnosed with or considered to have a mental health condition. Many criminal defense cases involve one or more mental health issues. 
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Need a Legal Consultant?

Ken Rosenfeld is no stranger to speaking in front of the public, offering legal consulting advice, and weighing in on newsworthy cases. From coast to coast, Mr. Rosenfeld has been a resource to many television stations and various media outlets to share his legal expertise. 

High-Profile Cases

The Rosenfeld Law Firm is known throughout the State of California for raising the bar when it comes to high-profile legal defense.  From celebrities to sports figures and politicians, Ken Rosenfeld takes his aggressive and focused approach to yield winning results. 

  • Celebrities
  • Sports Figures
  • Politicians

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Client Testimonials

Clients describe, in their own words, the impact The Rosenfeld Law Firm has made on their lives.

“I was charged with murder and, if convicted, I would have spent the rest of my life in prison. My lawyer, Ken Rosenfeld, told me that he would get me back with my family. After a four week jury trial, the verdict came back Not Guilty. I’m back home now because of Ken Rosenfeld.”

Leonardo L.

“Kenneth was extremely knowledgable with cases like mine involving mental health and chemical dependency. Throughout the six month process, he demonstrated trust, understanding, compassion, and integrity. He promised my father, my family, and I he will not allow me to go to prison. He also got me the help I desperately needed to become sober since November 2015. Kenneth kept his promise and I have my freedom.”

N. Wong

“My son was charged with rape. This is a parent’s worst nightmare. If convicted, my 18 year old son would have gone to prison and had to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. When I hired Ken Rosenfeld, he told me that he would move heaven and earth to prove my son’s innocence, and he did. All charges were dismissed. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for The Rosenfeld Law Firm.”

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Recent News

Mental Health Client Lockdown Release

Mental Health Client Lockdown Release

This is the case of a mental health client lockdown release by The Rosenfeld Law Firm. The litigation time period was more than one year in the court of appeals and multiple intercessions of California mental health attorney Ken Rosenfeld of The Rosenfeld Law Firm. In...

People v Patrick O’Neal

People v Patrick O’Neal

The Second Biggest Sex Defense Win in California History In People v Patrick O'Neal, Patrick O’Neal was a Woodland Elementary School teacher. He faced 120 years in prison for molestation. There were more than 12 alleged victims in the case. Patrick O'Neal hired Ken...

Ken Rosenfeld Honored as 2021 Lawyer of Distinction

Ken Rosenfeld Honored as 2021 Lawyer of Distinction

2021 Lawyer of Distinction Recognized in New York Times, 2021 Lawyer of Distinction is an honorable award "I am humbled by this honor." The Rosenfeld Law Firm announces that California criminal defense attorney Ken Rosenfeld has been named a member of the 2021 Lawyers...

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