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White-Collar Crimes Defense

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Ken Rosenfeld handles white-collar crimes in California, including major cities such as Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego

When it comes to white-collar crimes defense, there is no better solution for attorney representation than The Rosenfeld Law Firm.

White-collar crimes are frequently financially motivated. They are nonviolent and usually involve the unlawful taking of another’s personal property or money. The term “white collar” crime implies that these crimes are common among business people or working professionals; however, don’t let the name suggest that they are not serious crimes. A charge from a white-collar crime offense can lead to the destruction of one’s personal reputation, job loss, serious fines, penalties, and incarceration.

These risks necessitate hiring an experienced white-collar criminal defense attorney, such as Ken Rosenfeld. Located in Northern California, The Rosenfeld Law Firm handles a range of white-collar criminal defense cases throughout the state, especially for high-profile clients (including celebrities/politicians/sports figures/C-level executives).

The two most common categories of white-collar crimes defense represented by The Rosenfeld Law Firm are fraud and embezzlement.

Fraud—This is a serious criminal offense that should not be taken lightly. Fraud involves deceiving others and convincing them to act to their own detriment. There are several classifications of fraud and each carries harsh consequences, regardless of whether charges are brought against a business or an individual. The Rosenfeld Law Firm has specific experience defending against:

  • Counterfeiting cases
  • California real estate fraud cases

Embezzlement— This is a type of fraud concerning the betrayal of financial trust by one or more parties across a single or series of transactions. Most California embezzlement cases take one of two forms:

  • Professionals (e.g., accounting, fundraising/management professionals) entrusted with financial responsibilities who are accused by their organizations of stealing or misappropriating funds
  • Employees (e.g., retail cashiers) who are accused of stealing from the business at which they work

An experienced white-collar criminal defense attorney, such as Ken Rosenfeld from The Rosenfeld Law Firm, will explain your legal rights, explore potential defenses, and work expeditiously toward a favorable resolution. Mr. Rosenfeld is proficient in handling cases involving:

  • Church and/or school employees or volunteers accused of wrongfully taking money or property
  • Employees who were accused of abusing their access to bank accounts or check-writing privileges
  • Allegations of intermingling business and personal funds

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