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High-Profile Defense Attorney Ken Rosenfeld

California Mental Health · White Collar Crimes · Sex Offender


California Criminal Defense Attorney

Kenneth Rosenfeld makes sure that your rights are protected. He offers strong representation and the ability to stand up to the prosecutors and judges, consistently yielding positive outcomes for the accused.

To successfully defend any crime, it takes a team of people. It’s not just a lawyer—everybody is important and everybody matters.”

California Mental Health Defense Attorney

Kenneth Rosenfeld treats mental health defense with compassion and understanding. He uses a specialized team of forensics psychologists to explain to the justice system and District Attorney that the client doesn’t have the intent because they’re hurting so deeply inside.

“Mental health defense is a very specialized and unique field; people who are accused of mental health crimes are victims not defendants. Very few law firms know how to handle that kind of defense.”

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to federal criminal defense, The Rosenfeld Law Firm routinely achieves exceptional results for his clients. From federal narcotics distribution and trafficking cases to all levels of white-collar crimes, Ken and his team will tirelessly handle your legal matter until a satisfactory outcome has been reached. As stated in the Sixth Amendment in the United States Constitution,

“In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right…to have the assistance of Counsel for defense.”

California White Collar Crimes Attorney

The Rosenfeld Law Firm handles white collar crimes in a specialized manner through investigation and great legal help—right away—so that defendants can be shown in the public light for who they really are instead of being demonized by a system that is looking to persecute, not prosecute.

“When you’re charged with a white collar crime, the public eyes are already being turned on you in a prejudicial matter. The most important aspect of defending these types of cases is to get to know the person, to get to know their story, and how hard they worked to get to where they are.”

California (High-Profile) Sex Defense Attorney

One of the most difficult types of cases to approach, The Rosenfeld Law Firm has a tremendous record of success in fighting for its clients and winning against sexual defense charges.

“It’s unfortunate, but just the mere accusation of being accused of a sex crime leads people to believe in the public eye that you’re certainly guilty. You need to fight and fight strong to make sure that everyone knows that you didn’t do this.”

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