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Sacramento DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer

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San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney team represents Sacramento DUI, appeals, and criminal clients and those all over Northern CaliforniaKnown for a barracuda-like criminal and DUI defense, the Sacramento, California criminal attorneys at the Rosenfeld Law Firm will attack your case with steadfast determination. From the initial meeting that outlines the details of your legal matter to the final court decision, Ken Rosenfeld and his group of talented counsel will stand behind you to the end.

Sacramento criminal defense attorney, Ken Rosenfeld, established the firm several decades ago, and has been going up against California judges and courts ever since. His ongoing relationships with the judges, local court staff, and legal personnel in the Sacramento area courthouses helps maintain a friendly rapport, while diligently pursuing your case.

Backed by talented California counsel for some of the firm’s more intensive matters, The Rosenfeld Law Firm offers comprehensive criminal defense and appellate services to clients of all income levels.

Kenneth Rosenfeld has been instrumental in creating a name for himself as television and high-profile advocate:

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