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The Rosenfeld Law Firm

Ken Rosenfeld & Mental Health Cases

Over the past few months, The Rosenfeld Law Firm has turned the lives around from what could have been years of punishment for the defendants, to much-needed help, greatly reduced sentences, or complete freedom.

As a California mental health attorney, The Rosenfeld Law Firm represented a young man with mental health issues who, during a manic outburst, threatened police officers and ran naked through an elementary school.  Charged with resisting arrest and various sex offenses, he was potentially facing a lengthy prison sentence and the stigma that accompanies sex offender registration.  California criminal defense attorney team, The Rosenfeld Law Firm, got involved and worked with the District Attorney.  After bringing in experts and doing proper research, Ken’s firm presented its finding to the District Attorney who subsequently dismissed the case.

Another mental health case involved an older man who had a breakdown and began throwing bricks from a freeway overpass.  He hit a police car and was charged with many offenses including attempted murder.  The Rosenfeld Law Firm relied on years of experience defending mental health patients and was able to get the case dismissed.

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