Updates from Ken Rosenfeld:

The Rosenfeld Law Firm won half of the counts and the other half are under appeal.  One of the most prominent appellate attorneys is handling the case and he stated that it is the strongest appeal case he has ever had.  This will be overturned.

Important documents pertaining to the rape allegation against Former NFL Defensive Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year Dana William Stubblefield have been formally sealed and will not be available to the press or public.

Dana Stubblefield is a former defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers who also played for the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders.

Representatives with knowledge of the situation say public interest in the #MeToo movement as well as backlash from a previous high profile Santa Clara sexual assault case known as the “Stanford Swimmer” have put mounting pressure on the criminal justice system to take a tougher stance on cases involving sexual assault. Leniency in sentencing the Stanford athlete, Brock Turner, in a 2016 sexual assault case triggered an uproar and ultimately cost the judge in that case his job.

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High-profile CA criminal defense attorney Ken Rosenfeld represents Ex-49er Dana Stubblefield

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