With the Right Defense, It Can Happen:
Getting Criminal Charges Dropped

The Value of an Experienced California Criminal Defense Attorney

It does happen: following an arrest, a prosecuting attorney can decide to drop criminal charges, even felony charges, if presented with compelling reasons to do so. The recent district attorney’s dropping of charges against Carlos Williams and Thomas Williams after they retained California criminal defense attorney Ken Rosenfeld is a prime example—even if it is a unique one.

Carlos and Thomas, who are twin brothers, were both arrested in March—Carlos for resisting arrest and Thomas for assaulting a police officer—after Sacramento deputies responded to a call that the two men were attempting to break into a house. As it turns out, it was Carlos’s neighborhood to which the police were summoned and Carlos’s own home he was suspected of attempting to burgle. The brothers’ incredulous response to the deputies, who confronted the men with guns drawn, led to an escalated situation—one in which the brothers claim excessive force was used—that ultimately resulted in the brothers’ arrest.

California Criminal Defense Attorney Ken Rosenfeld Gets Results

An experienced California criminal defense attorney gets to work right away for his clients by reviewing evidence, collecting relevant documents, and preparing initial defenses. Within hours of being retained by the Williams brothers, California Attorney Ken Rosenfeld made contact with Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney Steve Grippi. Over the next few weeks, Rosenfeld maintained contact with Grippi on behalf of his clients until he was informed in early May that the D.A.’s office had decided to drop the charges against both men—a result Rosenfeld claims is almost unheard of, but highly satisfactory.

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