After almost a dozen appearances during a 1-year+ period in the San Joaquin courtroom presiding under Judge Charlotte Orcutt, with the final hearing taking place on October 21, 2019, the legal matter against Sharon Simas is over, ending with a case dismissal by the Judge. The Rosenfeld Law Firm served as counsel for Ms. Simas and was solely instrumental in the case’s successful outcome. Ms. Simas will now walk away free.

In 2018, Sharon Simas faced indictment for embezzlement, money-laundering, and conflict-of-interest charges.  As executive assistant for the former Stockton mayor Anthony Silva, Sharon Simas was a volunteer, non-salaried member of the nonprofit Stockton Kids Club; the club’s name had changed in 2013 from the Stockton Boys and Girls Club to the Stockton Kids Club. Even though the club’s name had changed, the nonprofit remained the same ID and, hence, was operating as the same company. The lawsuit was the result of payments, communication, and financial dealings that were issued under the club’s former name not the club’s new name. The prosecutor for the case argued that Ms. Simas committed theft by false pretenses because of these dealings under the former club name.

Rosenfeld Secures Win

Lead California Criminal Attorney, Ken Rosenfeld effectively proved that Sharon Simas made no misrepresentation about the name of the club.  He further proved that she didn’t hesitate to use the Stockton Kids’ Club letterhead for correspondence. Additionally, Rosenfeld argued that the evidence presented to the grand jury was insufficient to establish probable cause as to the defendant. Ken Rosenfeld also showed that no funds were spent outside of Stockton; these funds were properly used in compliance with the condition that the money must benefit only people in the State of California. Because the newly named Stockton Kids Club was effectively the same club as the Stockton Boys and Girls Club—except for a name change—there was no intent to defraud.

The case was dismissed by the Judge on October 21, 2019.