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Sacramento high-profile criminal defense attorney After beginning his career as a prosecutor for the state of California in 1994, Allen Sawyer became a criminal defense attorney in 2003 and has since been providing dedicated and passionate criminal defense at the state and federal level. Operating chiefly from his own firm, the Law Offices of Allen Sawyer, Mr. Sawyer often lends his criminal defense acumen to The Rosenfeld Law Firm in a collaborative effort to deliver top-notch criminal defense to clients across the state.

Following his undergraduate education at the University of the Pacific, Mr. Sawyer earned his Juris Doctor from the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law. An active member of the State Bar of California, he litigates a range of criminal defense cases, including white collar criminal defense, drug crimes defense, and federal criminal defense. Mr. Sawyer taps into his experience both as a defense attorney and as a former prosecutor and utilizes his familiarity with both aspects of a criminal case to deliver unparalleled representation for his clients.

Mr. Sawyer is unafraid to provide aggressive criminal defense at the highest levels and in prominent cases with high profile attention. Coverage of his efforts as a defense attorney for sports figures, celebrities, and politicians can often be seen on local television news.

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