California Criminal Defense Attorney Ken Rosenfeld was chosen as one of the lawyers to represent church leader Naasón Joaquín García in his sex crimes case.

In June 2019, Naasón Joaquín García was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport and charged with sex crimes by the California Department of Justice.

Mr. Rosenfeld is no stranger to high-profile (celebrity) cases with media attention and lots of coverage.  Together with Attorney Allen Sawyer, another Northern California lawyer who is frequently in the news representing well-known defendants, including political figures, Mr. Rosenfeld will sort through every aspect of his client’s case to ensure that justice is served.

After a KTLA5 news conference, Ken Rosenfeld said, “This is a church.  It’s not a cult.”  He called the high bail excessive and unconstitutional.  Mr. Rosenfeld also said that the government needs to balance the four victims against the church’s membership of five million.  He added that the victims have “bias and motive” against his client because they were all fired from a “work crew” for Joaquín García.

According to one source, the church’s locations in Texas and Mexico have received bomb and death threats.

NOTE: Since the writing of this post, Attorney Ken Rosenfeld has had to conflict out of the García case and is no longer lead counsel.  He parted with his client on good terms.