This is the case of a mental health client lockdown release by The Rosenfeld Law Firm. The litigation time period was more than one year in the court of appeals and multiple intercessions of California mental health attorney Ken Rosenfeld of The Rosenfeld Law Firm. In the end, the Monterey County Superior Court agreed to the order allowing Jacob Thomas Kirkendall to be moved from the locked mental health facility to which he’d originally been sentenced into an open environment.

  • This California mental health client lockdown release was for a man who was twice denied modification to that sentence despite the terms of his plea agreement. He has finally had his motion for sentence modification granted. Following California’s Sixth District Court of Appeal’s command in February to vacate its previous order denying Jacob Kirkendall’s motion to be released into a step-down mental health facility and reconsider the motion, the Superior Court of Monterey County on August 10th agreed to the order allowing Kirkendall’s sentence modification.
  • According to appellate court documents (case #H048206), the Monterey County Superior Court twice rejected Kirkendall’s motion for sentence modification; twice, following the intervention of Kirkendall’s lawyer, California mental health attorney Ken Rosenfeld, the appellate court issued writs of mandate requiring the trial court to revisit Kirkendall’s request.

“I’m extremely pleased that the plea agreement terms have finally been met,” said Rosenfeld. “My client was facing life in prison; now he is essentially going to an outpatient non-locked facility.”

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