California Criminal Defense Attorney
National Legal Commentator

Sacramento · San Francisco · San Jose · Los Angeles

When your life comes to a grinding halt because of an arrest, criminal charge, or California legal matter—there’s no better lawyer to have in your court than
Attorney Ken Rosenfeld.

High Profile Criminal Defense Lawyer
Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney

From Felonies to Facebook

Known throughout the state for tough California criminal defense and quickly becoming a household name thanks to his legal analyst role on Fox40's Ask an Attorney, Kenneth Rosenfeld has earned his reputation as a high profile, Sacramento lawyer with impressive credentials.

Misdemeanor or felony, California laws notoriously come down hard on criminals—but Attorney Ken Rosenfeld is prepared. Your freedom, ability to function in society, and criminal record are significant issues that require exceptional legal advice from an attorney such as Mr. Rosenfeld who faces California judges almost daily.

Protect Your Constitutional Rights

As a Sacramento criminal defense attorney who represents clients all over the state, Mr. Rosenfeld knows firsthand how to navigate the California legal system. From the Northern hills of San Francisco to the Southern sand of Los Angeles, Ken Rosenfeld's aggressive defense techniques have preserved the rights of many California clients. Scores of successful trials have awarded defendants a life at home instead of spending time behind bars.

The Rosenfeld Law Firm routinely handles California cases involving one or more of the following practice areas:

High Profile Cases

Kenneth Rosenfeld is one of a few California criminal defense attorneys who is experienced to handle high profile cases, including celebrities, politicians, and matters in the public eye. When it comes to litigation, Mr. Rosenfeld's masterful approach, exhaustive preparation, and fierce determination give him a distinct advantage over other California criminal defense lawyers.

Notable Matters

  • Facebook
  • Sara Jane Olsen
  • William Gerber
  • Patrick O’Neal

Regardless of whether your legal matter is a high profile media case or a simple California DUI defense, it will be treated with the same degree of respect and integrity.

California Appellate Attorney

Principal attorney Ken Rosenfeld is also an accomplished appeals lawyer (Sacramento) and has been admitted to practice in the following venues:

  • California Courts of Appeals
  • California Supreme Court
  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • United States Supreme Court  

Community Involvement

In addition to providing clients with superior legal defense services, Ken Rosenfeld's supporting roles as both California Bar Exam instructor and nationally televised commentator augment his already robust background.

Contact an Attorney
To speak with one of our California criminal defense lawyers, for more information about the company's law firm, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us online or call the office directly:

(916) 447-2070

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The Rosenfeld Law Firm represents clients in Northern, Central, and Southern California, especially the counties of Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles, plus El Dorado, Placer, Yolo, and Solano.